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Piano - Songwriting - Composition

Using techniques and lesson plans developed by the Royal Conservatory of Music, along with his experience as a professional songwriter and composer, Daniel Martins creates a hybrid of traditional rudiments and modern practicality. Daniel develops unique lessons that are suited to beginners, performers, composers and enthusiasts of all ages.
The lessons are tailored to suit all levels, interests, and goals.

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Guitar - Ukelele - Songwriting - Piano

Lindsay is a singer, songwriter, guitar player, sports and outdoor enthusiast with an innate curiosity about music and life. He studied music at Malaspina College in Nanaimo BC and has traveled the world, entertaining and sharing the gift of music, in a long and varied career in the music industry. With his wife and son he has recently settled in the Cowichan Valley and is happy to join the team of enthusiastic music educators at Blackbird School Of Music.




Max first started playing the drums when he was 8 years old. 

Throughout his musical education, Max had been in numerous bands, drumming for his school theater program and becoming the main drummer for his church worship team.  He also continues to attend workshops and drumming seminars to deepen his understanding of drumming fundamentals. 

Max is currently attending the Victoria Conservatory of Music.  

Playing Piano


Piano - Early Music Education

Noelle is our Student Teacher who specializes in piano for the young beginner to the intermediate student.  Her passion for teaching music and working with children, make her a favourite among our youngest students.  Noelle creates a fun and informal learning environment that supports the varied learning styles of children and teens.



Drums - Percussion

I'm Warren du Mailo, and in 1973 at age 8, I sat down behind my Uncle Jacks snare drum and I've been playing drums ever since.

Since the early 90's I've been studying, teaching and performing with some amazing musicians & mentors playing pubs, clubs, special events & summer festivals in Canada & the US. I've
played & toured all styles of music both Cover & Original from Jazz to Ska & Funk, R&B to Country rock, Rockabilly & Zydeco, and even a stint with a bluegrass quartet. I'm also very
proud of my 8 years as a weekly special needs music therapy volunteer & event organizer.

My philosophy is that Together the teacher & student create the teaching. I believe the path that the student wishes to follow be the foundation with which all other musical expressions &
avenues become possible by way of the teacher hearing the students wishes & needs.

I've studied with masters, and learned from every student that I've ever met, and I revel in the opportunity to inspire, be inspired and to make space for growing minds to find their way to
make their dreams come true.

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Piano - Composition

Master of Music in Performance

Angelica is a graduate of the National University of Mexico and studied her Master´s in
Piano Performance in Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. During her career
she has received multiple awards and scholarships.

As a soloist she has performed in Mexico, Cuba, Bolivia, USA, and Canada. She also has
collaborated as a musical arranger, soloist pianist and accompanist with music producers
in radio and TV channels.

She is passionate in the performance and teaching of music and composition with the aim of motivating the love to the music. Angelica is committed to seeking students' own voice
to motivate their artistic sensitivity and creativity, as well as making musical learning a fun experience.



Voice - Piano - Guitar - Uke

Frances Hope is a singer-songwriter, old soul, natural performer, poet, multi-instrumentalist, music and songwriting teacher and alternative/indie-folk rock artist from Victoria, BC. Her music is inspired by early Joni Mitchell, Don McLean, Billie Eilish, Gordon Lightfoot, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Ray, Florence and the Machine, Birdy, and Brandi Carlile.

She is an advocate for mental health and teaches songwriting, songwriting through mental health, voice, guitar, piano and ukulele. Her teaching style is intuitive, creative, fun and patient. She is an international performing artist and is eager for her music to reach as many countries as possible and hopes for her music to take her all over the world. 

Frances wishes to inspire the next generation of young artists to change the world.



Voice - Introductory Piano

A singer since birth, Hanna believes that it is everyone’s birthright to sing!

During her youth, Hanna dedicated many years to studying classical voice technique and performing as a singer, dancer and actor throughout the land of Hulq’umi’num speaking peoples, or the Cowichan Valley, where she is from.

From 2015-2016, Hanna attended the Victoria Conservatory of Music in the Diploma in Music Performance Program, specializing in Classical and Contemporary Voice. She continued her studies in Montréal at Concordia University with her BA in Communication Studies, where she focussed on sound production. Since then, Hanna has written, composed and co-produced a self-released album, and consistently performs with her shared musical project, Emergence, and as a solo singer/songwriter. She also facilitates in-person song circles for women, and offers 1:1 voice sessions both online and in-person.

Her teaching style is grounded in healthy, gentle breath and vocal technique, as well as play, movement, and improvisation! She strives to create a safe enough environment so that students can access joy and freedom expressing themselves with their voice



Voice - Performing Arts - Piano

Rachel completed her BMus in voice at Dalhousie University in Halifax. She is also one of the original graduates of the Canadian College of Performing Arts in Victoria and completed her apprenticeship with the Chemainus Theatre Festival. Rachel has performed

on each coast, in the US, and Europe as a classical soloist, chorister, and in musicals.

Rachel is producer and partner of the duo, Sounds Like Treble with

her husband, Dwight Siemens.

Known for their professionalism, versatility and humour, Rachel

and Dwight perform music from the sacred, classical, musical

theatre, and party piece repertoire. Rachel and Dwight are cofounders

of the Chemainus Classical Concert Series (St Michael’s

Presents) which features both established and up and coming

professional musicians.

Rachel has been teaching and performing for many years. She

and Dwight have two children, Theodore and Evangeline, ages 13

and 11. When not doing the most wonderful and challenging job

of parenting, Rachel helps students prepare for all kinds of goals,

from simply having more confidence, to landing roles, or being accepted into programs.

Rachel has previously updated her skills by working with master musicians, and has completed an Applied Vocal Pedagogy course with Dr. Marvin Regier. Rachel is a member

of the Cowichan Valley Music Teacher Association.



NeuroMovement Practitioner

Jenny is our resident Certified NeuroMovement Practitioner, (All levels completed, including Children's, Healthy Aging and High Performers Mastery levels)

She has been studying Chi Nei Tsang/Tao Touch, nearing completion.  Relating as both a professional, and a parent of a child with special needs, supporting families as a Behavioural Interventionist.

Jenny has extensively researched nutrition and science-based holistic and traditional modalities in combination.

When she is not booking clients through her private practice at Blackbird School of Music, Jenny can be found offering her NeuroMovement services to artists and touring musicians, at recording studios and on the road.  Jenny's work with musicians and performers of all levels, puts the artist at ease, allowing them to create, perform and produce their best possible work.

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